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The Mossy Nissan Jingle Turns 30 Years Old

The Mossy Nissan Jingle Turns 30 Years Old

Meet the Ad Agency Behind The Hit Marketing Magic!

San Diego’s beloved jingle from Mossy Nissan turns 30 this year. It first hit the airwaves back in 1988 and since then has been played literally hundreds of thousands of times. If you are a San Diegan – you know how to sing this jingle, your parents and grandparents and your kids do too! But did you know this jingle almost didn’t make the cut? Read on my fellow San Diegans!

The History of the Mossy Nissan Jingle

The agency that handles advertising for Mossy Nissan is and was your very own Advanced Marketing Strategies. Our President, Kathy Cunningham, says, “We were looking for something with a Latin beat back in 1988 to catch the ear of the young, urban car buyer…a sound that would resonate with San Diegans. The inspiration for the original jingle came from Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine.”
According to Cunningham, the General Manager of Mossy Nissan at the time was not convinced that the jingle was a hit. The agency suggested they go out on the showroom floor and stick the cassette in a car and play it. Once the song started playing, you could see the reaction. And the agency rep said, “That about settles that.” The rest is history.

San Diego Loves it

Mossy Nissan Owner, Peter Mossy, reminisces about the longevity of the jingle, “We never thought it would have such an emotional hook with people. We’ve tried to update it over the years and people just don’t want to let go of that jingle they’ve heard for decades. We are truly thankful to have such loyal customers.”
If there is any doubt the jingle has permeated the hearts and minds of San Diegans, just check the social media chatter.

General Manager, Kenny Afshar, says, “Our jingle was even included in the Union Tribune’s Top 10 San Diego Songs of All Time List – coming in at number 10.”

Sing the Jingle and Win!

As a Thank You to the community for supporting their seven dealerships over those 30 years, Mossy Nissan is hosting a sing the jingle and win contest“The Voice of Mossy Nissan.” The contest runs through December 14, 2018, and offers the Grand Prize winner the chance to have their voice featured in a Mossy Nissan commercial, $1,000 cash and $2,000 to donate to the local charity of their choice.
So come on San Diego, join in on the fun and YOU could be the next VOICE of one of San Diego’s most iconic companies!
Or if your company is interested in creating their own catchy jingle, contact us today!

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