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How to Measure Success in Marketing

For marketing, measures of success for your social media efforts are also important. While there’s no hard and fast rule that defines success, here’s some food for thought: Different Levels of Success Very Successful You planned and executed your campaign…

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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: LA Times reports new law that requires social media sites give minors a DELETE option!

REPRINT OF LA TIMES ARTICLE: By Melanie Mason and Patrick McGreevy

Gov. Jerry Brown approved a new law Monday giving young people the ability to remove embarrassing information they post on Internet social networking sites.

California is now the first state in the nation to require websites such as Facebook to give minors a way to take down photos and other posts from their sites, according to Common Sense Media, a nonprofit group that promotes children’s privacy in digital media and tracks federal and state legislation on the issue.

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Mossy FIAT recently opened their doors in December 2011. The competition in San Diego had been well established and in the marketplace 10 months prior.  Mossy Fiat needed to increase their online organic search presence in San Diego County in order to compete and bring more visitors to their website.

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Twitter announces new “CONVERSATIONS”.

Check out Twitter’s press release:

Keep up with conversations on Twitter

Today we’re updating our iPhone and Android apps, as well as, to make it easier to discover and follow conversations in your home timeline. From buzz about the VMAs to debates around upcoming football games, people come to Twitter to take part in these real-time, global, public conversations.

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