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Is Direct Mail Becoming Obsolete?

Is Direct Mail Becoming Obsolete?

Direct Marketing is the shortest distance between the client and the customer and/or potential customer. Traditionally, direct mail was thought of being THE methodology.

AMS has always been at the cutting edge using variable printing, custom messaging and imaging. AMS sends out over 1 million pieces of direct mail a year.

However, newer technologies are becoming much more dominate. Email has replaced a sizable portion of the printed direct mail. AMS works with client databases to specifically generate rich custom content designed to get opened, get interest and get results.

You can save a lot of money by continuing to send direct mails to those customers and prospects that you do not have emails, while beginning a rigorous campaign to gather opt in emails. Set benchmarks and start measuring.

All direct marketing campaigns are highly measurable – make sure you are seeing results by: sales, location, department revenue, increased average spend, and percentage of sales and revenue. Also measure the results of your campaigns by those that received a mail piece, those that received an email, and those that did not receive either.

Finally think about A/B testing and use your results to constantly tweak, adjust, and refine your efforts.

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