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New Facebook “graph Search” Takes Networking To A Whole New Level

New Facebook “graph search” takes networking to a whole new level

It seems Facebook has birthed a new addition into the social media family we all know and love – a beta search engine called “graph search”. If you’re a social media guru, this exciting development could make your Facebook experience much more simplistic, with precise search results allowing you to find who/what you’re searching for – easily!

Unlike Google and Yahoo, Facebook graph search is trying to innovate the standard “search for what’s popular” ideology and change its goal to “search for what’s relevant”. Instead of blindly searching, Facebook has integrated categories to simplify your searching; People I may know, My friends, Photos of my friends, Music my friends like, Movies my friends like, Restaurants nearby, Games my friends play, and Photos I have liked.

For instance, in the past if you were looking for a friend, you may type in “Katie Jones”; resulting in 200 different Katies, Kathryns, Katrynas, and every other Katie possibility you could think of…other than who you were actually looking for. With graph search you select the “People I may know” category, and it searches for your friend based upon relevant things, like mutual friends, location, school, etc. There is also a filter where you can pinpoint your search based on the person’s gender, relationship status, employer, hometown, etc. This allows precision in your search and less effort on the consumer’s end!

Further, it makes it easier to find photos of yourself and your friends that were left untagged!

Just search a name and up will pop their most recent pictures, this way if you weren’t tagged in them, or missed the photos on your feed, you won’t miss them anymore with graph search! You can also refine the photo search, by location and date to search for a specific event you’d like to view photos of.

Privacy settings: Pay attention

According to Tech Hive’s Caitlin McGarry – privacy concerns with Graph Search are huge. The engine dives deeply into the information you’ve posted on Facebook over the years. It also pulls from photos your friends have tagged you in and status updates that mention you: basically, anything that has your name on it is fair game in Graph Search’s crawl. And there is no Opting out!

You’re going to want to drop what you’re doing right now and open up your Facebook privacy settings. Under “who can see my stuff?” is your activity log. Here we go: Start looking at what you’ve posted, posts you’re tagged in, photos, likes, comments, and more. If you don’t like what you see, start deleting.

Do a couple of test runs in the new search bar to see what information Graph Search finds about you. Unflattering five-year-old photos you hid from your timeline but didn’t untag? Yeah, Graph Search finds those. Untag, untag, and untag some more.

Clean up your likes, too. If you once gave the thumbs up to a controversial political cause or an embarrassing musician, Graph Search will find it. Do you really want to turn up in a search result for “friends of my friends who like One Direction?” Do you?!

Graph search is new and hot, so give it a try, and make your Facebook life easier!

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