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The Advanced Marketing Strategies Team Tactical Marketing Advantages

The Advanced Marketing Strategies Team Tactical Marketing Advantages

1. Strategic Branding Expertise

The marketing team at AMS has hundreds of years of combined marketing experience in a wide variety of industries. Collectively we have concepted, designed and executed strategic brand campaigns for some of the largest companies in the United States, including automotive manufacturers, automotive dealers (and dealer groups), health care providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, casinos, big box retailers, real estate developers, supermarket chains, credit unions and many more.

2. Hands On Experience

AMS is a ‘can do” company so no challenge is too large for us to tackle head on. Since 1987, the team at AMS has worked on winning solutions in every type of medium – from innovative corporate identity packages, television and radio campaigns, cutting edge new media and guerrilla marketing, to full blown branding campaigns and everything in between. More importantly, everything we do is based on a solid marketing strategy, and designed to get results!

3. Lean. Mean. And Built for Speed

To beat your competition in the marketplace you have to be good… and you have to be fast. AMS is both. Yes, we’re strategic and experienced. But we’re also fast! Over the years we have developed the right processes and the right procedures to successfully execute missions quickly and efficiently. That means we are adept at taking on your last minute projects, able to accommodate last minute changes to your existing project, and make running changes when needed.

4. Effective Marketing that’s cost effective too!

AMS is not just effective, we’re cost effective as well. You will not find another company with our unique combination expertise, experience and agility. When you factor in all of our attributes, our cost efficiency becomes clear.

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