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Great Taglines Made Easy!

Great Taglines Made Easy!

In the world of advertising, powerful taglines are critical to building a strong brand. Sometimes called a slogan, or unique selling proposition, a tagline is a short phrase or group of words that capture the essence of your brand. While taglines are most often seen at the bottom of an print ad or at the end of a TV commercial, they’re actually the foundation that you build your advertising messaging on To be effective, taglines must be memorable, persuasive, differentiating and inspiring.

Just Consider these taglines for the  most famous brands in the world:

As you can see, a solid tagline when paired with well-crafted logo, communicate a world of information, on many different levels of consciousness, to consumers. While the three slogans above look fairly simple, you can be sure that a lot of time, thought and effort went into creating them. “Just Do It” and “Think Different” are aspirational calls for achievement and self-improvement. “The Ultimate Driving Machine” is a comparative tagline that sets BMW apart from and high above other car manufacturers

 So how do you create a memorable tagline?

 At Advanced Marketing Strategies, our process for creating taglines is creative, strategic and Darwinian (as in “survival of the fittest.”) We generate a lot of ideas, see if they fit a set of very stringent criteria and allow the best ideas to rise to the top while the weakest sink off to the bottom

 Here are just a few of our theme line criteria:

  1. Does it allow your prospects to recall you? A tagline should always lead to top of mind awareness for your brand. A tagline might be clever, but if that tagline doesn’t lead to consumers think of your brand first when they are looking for your type of product or service- it’s a dud!

  2. Does it communicate your brand essence? This is absolutely critical! Taglines that incorporate ideas like “Serving the [industry we are in] since [the year we went into business]” don’t really capture anything distinctive about a brand – nor are they memorable in any way. You always want taglines to carry some of the brand essence in the wording. For homebuilder/developer The Corky McMillin Companies, who actually had 9 “McMillin Principle’s” painted on the lobby wall of their corporate offices, we came up with the tagline “Built on Principles.” This tagline captured the fact that they were builders, and it also captured the brand DNA of the “McMillin Principles” that were guiding their company.

  3. Will it help move the brand toward its goals? This is also very critical in developing taglines. Your tagline should always be thought of as a long-term proposition. You will be spending money putting this tagline out into the market to achieve a strong brand identity. So always consider your long-term goals for your brand and your business. If you have a company that bakes very affordable artisan breads, but your strategic goal is to expand into all baked goods, you won’t want to establish “Eat Better Breads, For Less!” as your tagline – go with something “Eat Better. For Less!” instead!

This is just a few of the criteria we put your tagline possibilities through. There is a lot to consider in developing winning taglines. Don’t be too upset if you just can’t seem to find the right fit. Creating a winning tagline is a process that is best done by the experts. You may think this is an easy process, but it’s not, if done correctly!

Interested in seeing more of our Tagline Process? Or need help in developing your own winning tagline? CONTACT US  for help today!


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