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Where Professionals Are Seen – LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Are Here!

Where Professionals Are Seen – LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Are Here!

Now you can reach LinkedIn members in the only feed built for professionals. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates can drive results for your business.

Sponsored Updates let you publish relevant content straight to the LinkedIn feed of any member on the site, not just your company page followers.

LinkedIn members are already engaging with high-quality content from news sites, thought leaders, their connections, and brands. With Sponsored Updates, you can join the conversation and appear side by side with that content. Sponsored Updates are the only way to reach LinkedIn’s mobile users at scale and appear in the feed on desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Plus, you can publish Sponsored Updates with rich media and ensure relevance with robust targeting functionality. Which means you can reach the right people at the right time with your best articles, images, infographics, PDFs, presentations, and videos.

Raise awareness and shape perception

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates provide a marketing solution for rapidly increasing awareness and shaping the perception of your brand, products, and services.

Drive quality leads

Generate quality leads by sharing insights that professionals seek. Watch that content spread via the peer sharing that occurs naturally on LinkedIn.

Build relationships with the world’s professionals

Publish your content with Sponsored Updates to create value and establish trust that sparks ongoing conversations and deeper customer relationships.

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