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Advertising Interest In Pinterest

Advertising Interest in Pinterest


Well, it’s about time. Pinterest is joining the ranks of social media platforms to implement advertisements throughout its users’ feeds. Pinterest co-founder and CEO, Ben Silbermann, explained how he envisions the ads will function, and assures us that the go-to outlet for unique ideas will maintain its level of creativity and integrity.

Starting off as a small invite-only website in 2010, Pinterest is now ranked in comScore’s Top 50 Websites. Their website (not including mobile users) received over 25 million unique visits from the United States in the month of August alone. However, the company recently stated that the majority of their traffic has shifted to the mobile user base, so the overall number of unique visits may be much larger.

The concept of Pinterest harbors a more commerce-driven aspect than its peers such as Instagram and Twitter. Its users are posting and re-posting products they have an interest in buying, and this is good news for potential advertisers. If Pinterest’s users are already looking to purchase the products they are looking at, well-designed ads could have a potentially significant impact on conversion rates.

Pinterest is in the process of working with a select few brands to work out the details of how to integrate ads. As of right now, these companies are not paying for the advertisements, because Pinterest wants to make sure they work out any fuzzy details, and that the implementation of advertisements will add value to its brand, not detract from it.

Silbermann states that the ads will be tasteful, transparent, and relevant, and that the company will constantly engage their users for feedback to improve the Pinterest experience. It will be in the advertisers’ best interests to make sure their promotional content is honest and creatively refreshing, so they can better connect with the wide and diverse audience that Pinterest attracts.

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