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Fiercely Competitive, Aggressive Social Media Strategies!

Fiercely Competitive, Aggressive Social Media Strategies!

Sometimes an aggressive social media strategies is exactly what you need to stay competitive. 

1) Put social sharing and follow  buttons on all of your collateral.

Whether your marketing materials are online or offline – place social calls-to-action that let people know where they can find you on social media. Add social sharing buttons, and social follow buttons. This allows people to share your content, and/or opt in to follow  on social media themselves. Both are big wins for widening our social reach. Also use QR codes to bridge the gap between print and digital when promoting our social media presences on printed materials.

2) Make sure social share and follow  buttons are visible on mobile versions of your site.

People are always using their mobile devices when checking out new  and interesting companies. It’s important your social follow and share buttons are easy to find on your marketing assets if they’re being accessed from a mobile device. It makes that next step to follow or share your content much easier!

3) Tailor your content to the social network.

What you’re saying on Twitter should be short and sweet. Punchy. Easy to digest in a sentence. What you’re saying on Facebook? You have more room to play around. It’s easier for people to see a visual than it is on Twitter —  the same goes for Google+ and LinkedIn. You benefit from a link to a more in-depth content asset- by taking them directly  to your website- where they then can go directly to purchasing.

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