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Kathy’s Corner: A Look At The Automotive Event Of The Year – NADA

Kathy’s Corner: A Look at the Automotive Event of the Year – NADA

Billed as the “Event of the Year”, the convention was held in New Orleans January 24 –27. The freezing conditions kept some of the San Diego dealers from even making it, but those of us that did make it to the convention were treated to informative NADA University Workshops and a convention floor with over 7,000 exhibitors.

Understanding Clients’ Industry

As the marketing and advertising partner for Mossy Automotive Group, Advanced Marketing Strategies attends the convention to learn and immerse ourselves in our clients’ industry.

With a whole section of marketing classes to choose from, many of which we could have taught, it was great to listen to the speakers talk about the latest ideas for using new marketing technologies.

Although the convention and classes are automotive focused, the marketing principles discussed and new technology demonstrations apply to many different industries.  I find that just being surrounded by marketing gets me thinking about how to change, incorporate new ideas, and take things to the next level. It is always a treat for the mind to do nothing but gather information, think, and absorb.

Best Of

The most profound seminar was a management class on how to structure your company for lasting Internet success. Among the ideas were that sales and marketing are completely different functions and should be separated. And, just because someone in your company understands social media and the Internet, does not mean they are marketing experts, so they should not be put in charge of your online strategies.

Also there should be no Internet department, or Internet salespeople, but the entire store should be set up to take advantage of the role that the Internet plays in the sales process. All salespeople should be able to communicate online, but under the guidance of a good marketing strategy and process. And finally, using your current business development center to handle follow up can actually save you money and close more sales.

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