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New Gmail Inbox Brings New Opportunities

New Gmail Inbox Brings New Opportunities

Google recently announced a new layout to its Gmail inbox for the “Promotions” folder.

New Look

Instead of a standard list view that we are all used to in our inboxes, Google has begun introducing a grid-like view that focuses more on eye-catching visuals as opposed to text in subject lines. The purpose for this change is for Google’s users to more easily find messages that will appeal to their interests.

This new update is available to a very limited amount of people as of right now, and if you want to apply to join the field trial, click here to be put on the list. If you are selected, you will be one of the first few to take the new Google inbox for a test drive.

This Google update is continuing the growing trend of the Internet world becoming increasingly visual. The new inbox layout seems like a great opportunity for marketers to develop branding strategies and targeting techniques that can connect better with their target audiences. If you find a formula that works, open rates and click through rates may see a dramatic increase, which are essential for a strong marketing presence.

Get in touch with us today to develop a winning strategy on how to capitalize on the new Google inbox.



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