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Instagram’s New Carousel Ads Give Storytellers The Connection They’ve Been Looking For

Instagram’s New Carousel Ads Give Storytellers The Connection They’ve Been Looking For

Instagram is the underdog favorite of the younger generation with 15 times more engagement than that of Facebook’s, with users spending an average of 257 minutes per month. Until now though, Instagram has been nearly impossible to track.

Instagram’s Newest Addition

But all that has changed with their addition of Carousel ads – clickable links advertisers can now post, to connect consumers to products and services. So far these new embedded external links are limited to photo ads only and cannot be used with video yet. Video was only rolled out about 4 months ago on Instagram, but may be the next linkable asset in the platforms sites.

Story Telling

Carousel ads are a new way for brands to tell their stories on Instagram, according to a company spokeswoman. “Sequenced stories … give the community a deeper way to connect with and learn more about brands and products. And brands have the potential to bring the multi-page print campaign experience to mobile phones — with the added benefit of taking people to a Web site,” the spokeswoman said.

Story telling is one of the hottest new trends with advertisers as we roll into 2015. And this is a wonderful way to be able to link and track their effectiveness. Advanced Marketing Strategies has been using this story telling engagement with several of it’s clients to great success. This is now another way for us to engage the consumer with strong visuals that create an emotional response. That response is hopefully to buy. Now they can do that more easily.

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