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Cruising down the historic San Diego Gaslamp Quarter in an all-new Nissan Sentra, with the iconic Coronado Bridge towering in the background, a woman looks at her passenger. A strikingly handsome man smiles back at her as the picturesque San Diego skyline serves as the backdrop in this dream scenario. Suddenly, her hands come off the wheel and she is transported away finding herself alone with her tablet in-hand.

Moments before the dream occurred, she had pressed the DEAL button on the website. Now moving to the dealership, her dream man stands before her as the Mossy Nissan salesman and she realizes that her dreams are about to become a reality.


“Using the latest technology, and cutting edge filming and editing techniques, we set out to create magic moments that would captivate the imagination of our core audiences,” said Michele Marlo, Executive Creative Director of Advanced Marketing Strategies. “The end result showcases Mossy Nissan and takes automotive dealer commercials to a whole new level.”

This brand-new blockbuster campaign is for Mossy Nissan, one of San Diego’s most well-known and well-respected auto dealers, and has been inspired by the new Disney movie “Tomorrowland.” The campaign has been dubbed “TOUCH” and aims to create in new-car buyers the sense that Mossy can transport them to the car, and lifestyle, of their dreams simply by TOUCHING a new Mossy Nissan vehicle or digital offer. This campaign provides a refreshingly new way for Mossy to provide their consumers with greater savings by including an onscreen deal.

“We used our 3-D branding process and primary research analysis as the basis for the strategy and crafted the dream scenarios to appeal to three specific target markets”, said Kathy Cunningham, President of Advanced Marketing Strategies.

In another commercial, a man finds himself transported to a tailgate party simply by touching a new Nissan Rogue. Celebrating with some great BBQ, a raucous group of sports fans, and even a dancing chicken, he removes his hand only to find himself standing on the Mossy Nissan showroom floor. A salesman approaches and they shake hands sealing the deal on another Nissan sold. It is then the audience realizes that the salesman is the BBQ man from the tailgate party. His dream has just come true!

“The spots came out great!” declares Peter Mossy, President of Mossy Automotive. “Kathy Cunningham and her team at Advanced Marketing Strategies exceeded my expectations once again. Seeing the commercials on TV, the production looks like national brand quality!”

These prime examples of the detailed and inspiring work being done by the team at Advanced Marketing Strategies can now be seen playing on televisions and online throughout the San Diego market.



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