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AUTOMOTIVE ADVERTISING INNOVATION: Changing The Way We See Ads! Who’s Doing It Right?

AUTOMOTIVE ADVERTISING INNOVATION: Changing the way we see ads! Who’s doing it right?

PepsiCo exec Brad Jakeman, at the “Masters of Marketing” conference in Orlando, Fla. accused the advertising industry of not being innovative. I beg to differ and have collected 3 examples of great innovative automotive advertising:

1. Subaru “Feel the Love”
2. Nissan and “The Voice”
3. Local digital advertising breaking the 4th wall


Strategy: Connecting with their target customers’ core beliefs and focusing less on the traditional way of selling a car and more on selling a clearly defined lifestyle.

Subaru has sculptured an amazing collection of brand rich commercials that tug at our heart strings with compelling scenarios that portray the love between the car and the owner, the car and their pets, the car and their family or the car and their sense of adventure.

One commercial in its “Feel the Love” campaign features man’s best friend and his doggy family, “Dog tested and approved”. I dare you not to laugh at this one!

Another commercial invites adventure lovers to feel young again in a Subaru.

Another unique angle is to tie charitable contributions to a “Share the Love” event campaign. New owners can select 5 causes they support to which Subaru will donate $250.


ROI: The results are strong with a 14.2% increase YTD over 2014. And record sales for September 2015!


Strategy: Capturing a 3-season sponsorship with the TV show “The Voice”, Nissan has taken product placement to the next level. This season the contestants actually step out of a variety of Nissan vehicles on their way to the stage with TV cameras following their every step. Nissan uses a disruptive advertising style to take advantage of brand integration and to highlight different Nissan models and features, and it really ramps ups the cool factor of these cars!

The roll of apps in a marketing plan has become increasingly important, so Nissan has also collaborated with the show on the development of apps that give viewers unprecedented access to: voting, the judges, and special content which encourages second screen engagement.

Nissan also teamed up with “The Voice” coaches, Blake Shelton and Adam Levin, to target the youth market with a pledge not to use their cell phone while driving. It’s called the Red Thumb Promise. It is an innovative way to use celebrity endorsements, product placement, a newsworthy topic, and cause marketing all in one. Brilliant!

Mossy Nissan

Strategy: Developing the “Touch” campaign and breaking the 4th wall on digital videos. Mossy Nissan innovates by creating content that people want to engage with and actually speak right to them. Here is an example of a digital ad that asks the viewer to “click the button”.

Knowing how people really shop for a car, on the internet and on their mobile devices, Mossy Nissan features new car buyers imagining themselves using the product in a way that mirrors their lifestyle. People are more open to a sales pitch when you can answer the question “what’s in it for me?”

Breaking through the clutter by using the latest technology, and cutting edge filming and editing techniques, Mossy Nissan takes automotive dealer commercials to a whole new level.

Here at Advanced Marketing Strategies we seek out innovation! We look for new technology, new ideas, new avenues to speak to your best customers! We also make sure these are right for YOUR customers, and makes strategic sense! That’s why our clients have been on the cutting edge of innovative marketing that gets results. Virtual Reality? Animated Giffs? Carousel Ads? Video Posting? Cutting Edge TV? Are you doing it? Maybe you should be. Contact us today for more insight on innovation and how it can work for you.

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