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3 Tips To Help Boost Your Engagement On Social Media

3 Tips to Help Boost Your Engagement on Social Media

Do you want to increase your engagement on social media?

We’ve put together 3 helpful tips to boost your engagement on social media:

1) Use Animated Gifs

Turn your stagnant social feed into a livelier one by using animated gifs occasionally. Animated gifs capture the attention of users to get them to stop scrolling and click on your content.

Animated gifs are images that play in a loop. They are a great way to engage with your followers and show a little of your brand personality or story.


2) Increase Reach Using Videos

An easy way to increase your engagement and reach on social media posts is to include a video. According to Facebook, videos in posts have the highest average organic reach at 8.7%.

Create a short video clip that reinforces the content of your post. Here’s is an example of one posted for Nissan:

facebook video post

3) Mobile Carousel ads

Since only 1-4% of users see your posts organically on Facebook, complementing your social media strategy with visually appealing carousel ads will help to increase your engagement and reach.

Carousel ads display multiple images with different links and details within the same ad. Facebook launched carousel ads on desktop in 2014, and just recently on mobile this summer. Instagram is opening up the ad unit to small businesses this Fall.

Carousel ads open up different opportunities to advertise your product or business. You can highlight different features of a product using multiple images like the example below for our client Mossy Nissan, or show completely different products in each image.

facebook carousel ad

Boost your engagement by using more compelling, attention grabbing content today to bring your social media posts to life.


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