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Consumers Cutting The Cable Cord: Kurt Cobain, Natalie Merchant, And Eric Clapton Would Be Proud!

Consumers Cutting the Cable Cord: Kurt Cobain, Natalie Merchant, and Eric Clapton would be proud!

Do you remember those fantastic “unplugged” years on MTV, when the true voices of Kurt Cobain, Natalie Merchant, and Eric Clapton resounded through your living room? Well, 15 years have passed and the word “unplugged,” seems to have taken on a different meaning…and not just for MTV, but for some cable and television viewers.

The phrase “cut the cord,” is often misused because we are doing no such thing. We are simply unplugging from one device and substituting for another. We, the end user, can now move forward and rely on internet services to provide us with the content that we choose to watch, when we want to watch it, in a much more affordable way.

Cable companies may be losing subscribers at an average of 600,000 per year in some markets, but those same cable companies are seeing between a 6%-10% increase in their broadband services mainly because of the introduction of Smart TVs and streaming services like HULU, Netflix and Amazon.

So what does all this mean for the advertiser? Well, it means it’s time to embrace the integrated approach to delivering your message. Don’t rely on one medium to effectively sell your product or service. Don’t wrap all your wires around one spool and seek the service of a “digital group.” You’ll need to embrace the full breadth of services, reach your audience, and unleash messaging through multi-platform marketing.

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