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By: Mark Stevens, Media Director at Advanced Marketing Strategies

Advertising often taps into the pleasure centers and hearts and souls of people. Is it meant to? Should it? Is this a pervasive means of persuasion?

Any reputable Mad Man will say YES!

There are many ways of conveying a message and maximizing profits through promoting goods and services. However, as a marketer, I can tell you there is an ethical and truthful way of pulling on those heartstrings to effectively reach your target audience.

For starters, it’s okay to go with your “gut feeling,” but never fully rely on it. You’ll ultimately need to take an objective point of view, and rely on a professional source that has the proper tools to reach the hearts of the desired target.

As the population grows and human interest becomes more fragmented, it is increasingly more difficult, and in most cases more expensive, to achieve the desired results. Without the proper guidance, you’ll find yourself “missing the mark.” As an experienced Archer with a trained eye, I can tell you that it will take research, data, and the proper media buying tools… to hit that heart target.

At Advanced Marketing Strategies we mine the data from the research and find your BEST customers. Then we find the best way to TARGET those customers with the most effective, calculated MEDIA BUY! Shoot us a message today and let’s talk more about how you can achieve your marketing goals this year! CONTACT US TODAY

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