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How to Measure Success in Marketing

For marketing, measures of success for your social media efforts are also important. While there’s no hard and fast rule that defines success, here’s some food for thought:

Different Levels of Success

Very Successful

You planned and executed your campaign with specific goals in mind. Even if you did not achieve them all, you tested and improved various low-performing components. You calculated your ROI for your overall budget and it was above your goal. You followed up on all leads generated by your campaign and made some sales.

Moderately Successful

Your campaign was perhaps not the most creative around, but you did hit many of your marketing goals. You found it difficult to measure your results, but you did highlight some areas for improvement moving forward. You are not sure of your ROI, but you do have a general picture of what worked best.

Not Very Successful

Your campaign overall was pretty lackluster. You only launched the campaign because you were falling behind your goals, not because you were being proactive and getting out in front in them. You have no idea if there was any positive ROI and you’re starting to think that social media just won’t work for your business.

Casino Marketing

As a casino, you need to understand what makes a marketing campaign successful or not so that you can market your casino well. Consider, your target demographic. As a casino, you need to market to the right players and the right age groups. You cannot have players younger than a certain legal age. Beyond that, you want to understand their income levels, whether they are male or female, what social groups they belong to. All of this is important when marketing your casino. You can market your online games all day and night to young, 18 year old females without any disposable income, but it won’t do you much good since they are not as likely to play games, let alone become loyal customers, at that stage. Those who are slightly older, male, and with disposable income are the ones who are willing to not only play the games but have the money and time to sit down at a virtual roulette table and start spending.

If you want to target people searching for keywords like play-video-slots, then you need to make sure you are using proper social media tags and geolocation tags to find people who can legally play your video slots from their location or who can play in your location. Offering video slots is a great way to increase revenue without increasing the cost of operating a casino, because it costs significantly less to run a virtual setting than a full time staff. People prefer to play games at home without the drive or the risk of drinking too much somewhere else, and casinos prefer the reduced costs of only, at most, an IT person and a virtual dealer. However, having online options is not enough to suddenly take advantage of that online revenue. You have to market your content and have a successful marketing campaign at that.

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