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It’s “Engagement Season”… For Marketers!

It’s “Engagement Season”… for Marketers!

It is the season for engagement! We’re not talking about that type of engagement, but the type marketers will need to be at the top of their game; ie. marketing that breaks through the clutter and creates engaging content for followers. This can be easier said than done. Finding the right content for your audience and creating engagement can be a daunting task. At Advanced Marketing Strategies we have hundreds of ways to do this. We’d like to share 10 good ones with you!

1) Know your audience
Tailor your messages to your largest audience segment. AM Strategies researches what excites your target and what they enjoy talking about. We join pages that they frequent and see what topics they are discussing. Also, we understand where those segments are most active. For instance, 80% of Instagram users are female while Facebook is a little more balanced with 53% of users female. Additionally, we consider the platform you are using to communicating with your audience. If they are on LinkedIn, they may appreciate a more conservative post whereas on Facebook humorous posts may be more appropriate.

2) Know the right time
Engagement is typically the highest on Thursdays and Fridays on Facebook. But can vary widely for other Social Media platforms. AM Strategies has their finger on the pulse of all your these networks.

3) Be current
Post about current events in your industry and even outside your industry. Join conversations that are already happening. Utilize the power of hashtags to be found more easily in searches. Additionally, while people crave the hottest topics, they also want to be trendsetters and be ahead of the curve. Give your audience insights about what is around the corner and keep them ahead of the game. They will eat this up and share the news as an unofficial brand advocate.

4) Be consistent
Become a brand that your audience is familiar with and comfortable communicating with. This can be done by creating high-quality, high value posts on a consistent basis. You can employ the assistance of social media scheduling tools to ensure you stay on top of your posting schedule.

5) Dream up challenges or contests
The desire to compete is strong. Social media users love a challenge and to compete against each other for a prize. The contest needs to be clear, attainable and something your audience likes. It can include a social cause component or even link participants to local celebrates to deepen the engagement. AM Strategies has engaged their audiences through social causes like their Water Bucket Challenge.

6) Thoughtful Visuals
Invest in high-quality images for your posts. Visuals get noticed first and you want to capture attention. In fact, Cisco research suggests that video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. AM-Strategies uses a variety of high-quality images, animated GIF’s and videos to capture audience attention.

7) Provide takeaways
Give your readers useful tips or fun ideas that they will want to share with their network of friends. Provide a “hack” post for common problems within your industry

8) Include influencers
Ask users to comment or submit stories about their experience. Also contact key players in your industry and key influencer for your target audiences. We partner with experts and local bloggers to gain a bigger audience pertinent to our target audience.

9) Don’t be afraid to use old posts
Explore your analytics and see what has worked in the past. Create follow ups to your most popular posts or use these top engagements as a guide for future ideas.

10) Create a story
Don’t “sell” in your posts. Provide valuable, high-quality content and images and people will naturally be interested.

If you would like to see more of our SECRETS TO ENGAGING YOUR FOLLOWERS, contact us today!



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