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Who Else Wants To Increase Their Facebook Page Likes By 76%?

Who else wants to increase their Facebook page likes by 76%?

Who else wants to increase their Facebook page likes by 76%?

Learn how to put together the best social media campaigns for increasing followers and engagement. 

One way to increase your Facebook page “likes” (aka followers) is with posts of dancing dogs and burping babies. Or you could commit your resources to a strategic approach using relevant and interesting content that will also increase the relationship between your fans and your brand.

Likes on your business page is a person genuinely showing interest in your business. It is an invitation to communicate with them constantly (24/7) in an engaging way that benefits them.

We recently received this email from Michael B, Director of Marketing for Soboba Casino, “I just wanted to inform everyone that we have hit an important milestone. As of Monday March 7, 2016 we have over 30,000 likes on Facebook! Have to say that is pretty cool considering only one year and 4 months ago we had only 17,000. Congratulations!”

How did we do it? Well, a combination of ‘The Advanced Marketing Strategies’ Inbound Marketing Process and a hands on approach from the client’s internal marketing department.

It starts with a monthly road map that is unique to each brand, but consistency and weekly accountability are the key to steady growth. Our social team plans and develops dynamic and creative content using the latest technology that such as: carousel, animation and video; this coupled with real time posts from the casino floor led to more likes, engagement, and increased casino activity.

If you would like to discuss how you can increase your social media success too, shoot us a message today and let’s talk more about how you can achieve your marketing goals! CONTACT US TODAY

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