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What Business Lessons Can We Learn From This Weekend’s KPMG Women’s PGA Championship?

What business lessons can we learn from this weekend’s KPMG Women’s PGA Championship?

First, teamwork is everything! Brooke Henderson won on Sunday, with her sister as her caddie. You could see how well they worked together and how calm her sister kept the strong team of two, with emotions in check and concentrating on the task at hand; even as Brooke prepared to stroke what would be the winning putt.

Also, the road to success is not easy. Just because you’re on top this week, this match, or this hole, don’t stop fighting because things can change in a heartbeat and the winner doesn’t always lead the whole race.

And there’s always room for good sportsmanship. I noticed that Brittany Lincicome seemed to be encouraging her fellow competitor, Lydia Ko, down the stretch of the final holes. And how Lydia so graciously, and professionally congratulated Brooke on her first major win.

And one last lesson to be learned comes from watching Ariya Jutanugarn as she made sure to stop and smile before every shot, to remind herself that the work is hard, but we should enjoy the journey.

Yes, golf and business are both fascinating lifetime games with many parallel lessons.


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