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5 Rules To Follow For The Best Email Marketing

5 Rules to Follow for the Best Email Marketing

Whether you’re sending out email blasts to your customer database or using a purchased appended list, email campaigns can be one of the most effective forms of communications in your marketing toolbox.

  1. Keep the message fresh

If you are going to be sending regular eblasts, make sure to rotate different topics. This will ensure that the recipients are willing and eager to open all your messages. Don’t just keep sending sale messages, because everyone on your list is not ready to buy today. Offer product information, exciting tips and reviews.

  1. Customize the follow-up

One of the biggest trends for 2016 in retargeting! A well thought out drip campaign can help you retarget and continue to communicate on a personalized basis. Pick up on cues like clicks and website activity. Prepare relevant follow-up content and program regular drips.

  1. Target Marketing

Use your customer’s name and something else personal you know about them in the messaging. Customize their version of the email specifically to their interests by using variable programming.

  1. Use subject lines that grab attention

Most importantly, pay attention to your subject line. Doing A/B testing can help to understand what keywords and phrases speak to your best customers.

  1. Analyze the results

Reviewing the results and doing sales and customer matches can reveal the real return on investment (ROI.) The best email programs will pay for themselves and build customers for life!


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