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Should You Fire Your Ad Agency? Take The Quiz!

Should you fire your Ad Agency? Take the Quiz!

Those old school, “mad men” style ad agencies can be slow, and expensive. Is yours worth keeping? Answer these questions to find out!

  1. CREATIVE: Does your agency base ALL their creative work on a sound strategy designed to get results, or do they seem more concerned with winning creative awards?
  1. MEDIA: Does your agency use a sophisticated 21st Century media buying system to efficiently target your best customers and deliver them for the best cost per point? Or do they simply purchase “day parts” and stations, like the ad agencies of the 1950’s?
  1. TRACKING: Does your agency track ALL your media and show you what they’ve recovered? Are your TV and radio spots monitored on a daily basis or do you wait up to 3 months, to find out you only got 90%?
  1. DIGITAL MEDIA: Did your agency tell you to jump on the new media/social networking bandwagon with both feet and you’ve seen little or no results?
  1. SPEED: Does your agency miss deadlines? Can they take advantage of a late-breaking opportunity by turning around a radio spot or print ad in 72 hours or less? Are your social media posts timely? Or do they always seem to need “just a little more time”?

If you can’t say all these things about your current agency, maybe it’s time to give us a holler.

At Advanced Marketing Strategies, we see things differently. Maybe it’s because we look harder to uncover the opportunities nobody else can! You’ll find we are not just effective marketers but expert craftsmen who understand the genuine value of our work.

As innovators, we take pride in our performance and set standards for others to follow. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions or templates because we know that doesn’t maximize profits. Instead, we formulate personalized plans and offer teams dedicated to YOUR business. Unlike specialized marketing companies, we have expertise in every form of media, from old school to the never before seen. Plus, we understand how it all works together for top performance. We make good companies great, profitable and usually a little envied!

Call Kathy Cunningham at 858-490-6910 or send us a message.


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