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How To Boost Content Marketing Using Trends And Current Events

How to Boost Content Marketing Using Trends and Current Events

Using Pop Culture in advertising is hardly a new trend. But because of social media and the internet, consumers are far more receptive and it’s easier than ever to get in on trending topic conversations and use this to market your product or service. When it makes sense, trending topics can help brands join the conversation, instead of interrupting it.

Most recently the record-breaking Pokémon GO Application has been one of the hottest trends to capture the attention of the Social Media sphere. It didn’t take long for some smart marketers to get in on the conversation and naturally link their wares.

For example: AMS realized this was an organic way to reach millennials looking to buy cars.

We capitalized on the fact that there were Pokémon on the Mossy Nissan lots ready for trainers to “capture”! We posted on Social Media inviting game players to come catch Pokémon and of course while they were at it – check out the great selection of Nissans.

AMS also achieves marketing goals by using trending topics and hashtags that can increase engagement and brand awareness. For example: AMS got in on the popularity of the TV show, The Voice and their crazy Nissan GT-R singing challenge with pop sensation Adam Levine. They organically entered the conversation by using the #TheVoice #AdamLevine #GTRChallenge and posted the video of pop star Levine debuting his latest single while being driven at high speed in a Nissan GT-R. The engagement was natural, engaging and not only got social media engagement, but got potential customers to the Mossy Nissan website, where they could further be connected to sales opportunities.

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