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Are You Getting The Most For Your Media Dollar?

Are you getting the most for your media dollar?

A major Credit Union was suffering from the same problem as many other major advertisers; they didn’t know it, but their media stations delivered only 83.1 percent of their purchased TV ratings and 77.9 percent of their radio ratings.

AMS came to the rescue with our SMART tracking system and our client no longer had to wonder if they were getting their monies worth in advertising. Now, they had proof that represented a 16.9% increase for television points and a 22.1% increase for radio points – without spending a penny more!

Also by using our exclusive, state of the art, buying system the client was able to show the board of directors that their cost-per-points decreased dramatically by 56.1% for radio and 50.8% for television.

Finally, the combination of AMS planning, buying, auditing and recovery systems allowed them to recover $287,339 in media dollars.


If you would like to discuss how to get the most for your media dollar, shoot us a message today and let’s talk more about how to achieve your goals! CONTACT US TODAY!


ABOUT AM STRATEGIES: Advanced Marketing Strategies is proud to have provided twenty-five years of strategy based, result oriented marketing solutions that have increasing traffic, sales, and profits for large consumer clients. Over the years we have developed Spanish campaigns for IKEA, Mossy Automotive, Soboba Casino, Quechan Casino Resort, Multicultural Independent Physicians’ Association, and others. Incorporated in 1991, we use in-depth research to develop strategy-based branding and marketing.

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