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THE AMS MINUTE: The Crafting of an Earworm

AMS just finished three new jingles for our clients this month and we can’t get the tunes out of our heads!

Creating recognizable musical signatures is something AMS knows all about. We created the iconic Mossy Nissan Jingle! Its massive awareness, recall, and infusion into San Diego pop culture is unprecedented.

The client’s commitment to playing that jingle for over 20 years has helped to expand the brand from 1 dealership to 7, and resulted in survey recall of 98%!

There’s nothing better than a finely crafted original tune for you brand’s positioning, top of mind awareness, and instant name recognition.

Do you want to talk about how we can turn your brand into a household name or do you have other marketing challenges you need to address? We’d love to chat with you! Contact us today.

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