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THE AMS MINUTE: Increasing Mobile Traffic

THE AMS MINUTE: Increasing Mobile Traffic

Mobile use just took over desktop use for the first time EVER! So smart marketers are asking:

How do I increase my Mobile traffic?

AMS helps their clients do this every day! We helped one of our clients increase website visitors by 12.5% IN ONE DAY with a hyper-targeted social media campaign associated with a national TV event. Taking advantage of the trend of multi-screen interactive experience of live events, AMS utilized unique advertising options in social media and designed eye-catching creative to break through the clutter, Mossy Nissan’s social campaign was a huge success! The website had an increase of 697% in social network referral traffic.  Social engagement grew by 2000%, and website visitors rose by 12.5%!

Is anyone else looking to increase mobile traffic? Do you have other marketing challenges you need to address? We’d love to chat with you! Contact us today. 

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