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TRUMP VS. CLINTON – Who’s Winning The Social Media Marketing Game?

TRUMP VS. CLINTON – Who’s Winning The Social Media Marketing Game?

The conversation on social media regarding Trump and Clinton is fierce and filling the feeds of many users.

During the first Presidential debate, Facebook reported that Trump dominated 79 percent of the conversation on its platform. The most discussed moment were Trump’s comments on his temperament, and the top issues were on taxes, ISIS, racial issues, the economy and crime and criminal justice.

On Twitter, Trump dominated 62 percent of the conversation. The most tweeted moments were about Trump’s comments on his “good temperament,” his challenge to moderator and NBC News anchor Lester Holt about stop-and-frisk and the Trump and Hillary Clinton back-and-forth over their strategy to defeat ISIS. The most discussed topics were the economy, foreign affairs, energy, terrorism and gun control. 

This was the first time that the presidential debates were live-streamed on Facebook and Twitter. [1]

As for how they market in social media? Donald Trump was in the social media game regularly before Clinton. This may be in part because of his reality tv show marketing.


But by the third debate, Hillary was clearly winning the sentiment. The real estate mogul generated negative sentiment in 62.4 percent of his Twitter mentions, Brandwatch said. Clinton, meantime, generated positive sentiment 53.8 percent of the time. Clinton’s performance with social media users marked a milestone in what has proved to be an ugly election campaign; the social media response was the first time either candidate generated positive sentiment in any of the debates. [2]

Clinton’s social media accounts have been steadily gaining momentum and even surpassed the Republican social media connoisseur, Trump, in total monthly followers, posts and engagements. Data shows Clinton’s content is retweeted about 30% of the time, whereas that number is 25% for Trump. [3]


The Clinton campaign might have a bit more understanding of the medium and habits of users, as it posts twice as many videos on Facebook as the Trump campaign. Consultants for marketing agree, the change in the News Feed algorithms now favor video and shareable content.

But over the last two weeks, the billionaire businessman has shattered his records on being the most talked about a candidate on Facebook. [4] Trump has virtually no interaction with his followers on Twitter, however. And what is more important than “followers” is interaction with them. Most Social Media Agencies agree that the fact that Trump never responds to his many followers is a big mistake.

Conversely, Clinton has built a strong relationship with her followers. Importantly, she will likely have a strong contingent of devoted Clintonites ready to flood social media with getting out the vote posts and tweets the closer we get to election day.

Only time will tell who is the ACTUAL winner of these social media brawls! But one thing is guaranteed – the internet will be abuzz about it!

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[1] Data from Socialbakers, a company that offers a suite of social analytics tools to optimize social media accounts.
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