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THE AMS MINUTE: Is Testing Advertising A Good Idea?

THE AMS MINUTE: Is Testing Advertising a Good Idea?

Sometimes prospective clients will contact us and ask us to do a “test” to see if advertising works.

Often times they’ll say something like, “we want to do some TV, our management thinks that would be a good idea”. Or, “we want to do a test for a month and see if we can make something happen”.

Test are tough and almost never “work”. Expectations are high, and proper planning is often times missing. Marketing and advertising work best when a company considers them a regular monthly expense that is vital to driving business.

AMS has been successful every time we start with our 3-D Process of Discovery, Definition, then Deployment. It takes about 3 months to set forth a plan to execute a proper marketing and advertising campaign.

Shortcuts and tests can never replace planning and strategy for sustainable business results. 


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