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I’m excited to preview the Super Bowl ads on Sunday morning on Fox 5 San Diego. This year the ads will feature plenty of celebrities like Adam Driver, Melissa McCarthy, Joe Montana, John Lovett, Tom Brady, and John Malkovich, just to name a few.

There are a lot of teaser ads this year that give us a hint of the great commercials in store for this Sunday.

Most notably is Snickers; they have given us some of the best commercials, with the “You’re Not Yourself” campaign featuring Betty White. This year, Snickers is planning a LIVE commercial featuring Adam Driver. The teaser campaign keeps us guessing.

Snickers released a teaser of the first-ever live Super Bowl commercial.

Also building excitement and interest with pre-commercial hype is Hyundai, which sponsors the NFL. Their strategy is to film the commercial during the game, so we can expect fresh highlights and lots of drama. Joe Montana sets the stage with the teaser ads. Keep an eye out for this 90 second extended ad to play directly after the game. It’s a gamble and Hyundai better hope for a close finish for maximum audience ratings.

Here’s a weird one, the sexy Mr. Clean? This one is sure to entertain the female audience!

My favorite teaser ad is for Square Space featuring celebrity John Malkovich. It works because the product is part of the joke. But I’m not sure people will remember the product name, after all this is their 4th Super Bowl commercial and I’ve never heard the name.

I predict the Wix will miss the mark with its over acted spectacular action scene. It really has nothing to do with the product. They have had success in the past and have shown to gain significant sales; they are not saying directly as a result of their past Super Bowl ads, so we’ll have to wait and see.

In most cases, Super Bowl ads are worth the 5-million-dollar price tag. In this time of fractionalization, Super Bowl is still the best opportunity to reach the biggest audience! Big brands that can afford the investment can gain market share and dominate the category. For a select few new brands, like Go Daddy, it is a chance to gain unprecedented awareness that leads to digital activities like search, video views, social media following, and sales!

Noticeably missing from the 2017 Super Bowl commercial scene is Doritos; they chose not to participate this year, so no homemade commercials for which to look forward.
Unfortunately, that means Doritos will miss out on all the post Super Bowl buzz like YouTube posts, viral distribution, post media coverage, water cooler discussions, and top 10 Super Bowl surveys.

Celebrities, babies, and animals are the most successful themes.
What makes a good Super Bowl commercial is if you can remember the name of product, and the best way to do that is to tie the product directly to the joke, dramatic image, or celebrity.

SeKathysCornere you on Fox 5 Morning News at 6 AM on Sunday!


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