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Get Laser Targeted With Facebook Ads

Get Laser Targeted with Facebook Ads

Vice President/ Account Supervisor, Utahna Hadden sheds some light onto the best targeting capable media channel available for marketers.

It amazes me that so many companies are still not advertising on Facebook. And if they are advertising, they have no clue how the campaigns are converting. I am often asked “why should we advertise on Facebook?” My answer, “why wouldn’t you?” Facebook has transformed over the years into a massive media channel as I like to call it. You should be on Facebook because there are over 1 billion users who spend an average of 45 minutes a day here. That’s the length of a TV show people!

And guess what? Facebook knows a lot about each person. Yep, everything you are doing in the social network is being tracked. And what’s more exciting as a marketer is that, back in 2013 Facebook partnered with data companies including Epsilon, Acxiom and Datalogix. They’ve since then added Polk to the list. And now, Facebook knows a whole lot more about you, whether you spend more time playing Candy Crush or Texas hold ‘em. Are you getting married soon? Love reading mystery novels? Facebook probably knows!

This gives advertisers the power to reach beyond their own CRM databases and target audience segments by thousands of different purchasing behaviors. It’s basically direct mail on steroids! Here are a few of the many targeting options to try in Facebook:

1) Life Events Targeting

2) Facebook Custom Audiences

3) Lookalike Audience

4) Layered Targeting Options

Remember you don’t have to pick just one of the strategies above. Test each of them out and see how they perform within your various target markets. Make sure to not only measure the campaign result performance, but also how the ads are converting on your website.

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