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The 5 Game Changing Media Platforms You Need To Know About

The 5 Game Changing Media Platforms You Need to Know About

Generations of viewers are “unplugging” in record numbers! Do you know how to PLUG BACK IN with the latest media platforms? We do!

A recent survey from Nielsen showed that viewers are “Screaming for Streaming.” Viewing habits are changing rapidly. In the last four years, traditional TV viewing has declined in ages 18-24 by 39% and in ages 25-34 by 26%. Moreover, in the space of 5 years, almost 40% of 18-24-year-olds’ traditional TV viewing time has migrated to other activities or streaming.

TV Viewing Trend

Being first in the market to use steaming for our clients, AMS has utilized the following video platforms over the past six years:

1. HULU was one of the first game changers available for local media buying. We found that it has limited targeting and limited transparent reporting, but we like the fact that it provides premium programming –  but at a very high CPM.

2. Local media partner websites, such as, are primarily news based and have no targeting capabilities but do generate strong click through rates because of PC usage, but the CPC is comparatively high.

3. YouTube has proven to be a highly targeted platform and one in which we continue to use with much success.

4. The latest game changer we are working with is in-stream video ads. We find network in-stream ads have more targeting options with premium video content and offers a flexible CPM and allows us to reach an audience that is rapidly withdrawing from traditional TV.

5. Using app based in-stream video ads makes it possible to deliver our message through premium cross-device, on-demand, and connected-streaming for TV, Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices.  Our in-stream video ads are non-skippable, viewers are exposed to the message in the queue for their selected programming. We prefer this “intrusive” messaging strategy which is embedded in the content.

Still, traditional TV is the single largest video consumption source and where a majority of our focus remains.

So what is the next game changer? We have our eyes on live streaming video content such as YouTube Live and HULU Live. Live streaming will bring many more opportunities to reach generations of viewers.

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