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We’ve Got the Secret to Getting Consumers to Buy More and Pay More!

The latest Gatorade campaign “Make Defeat Your Fuel” is an excellent example of a technique called Storytelling.

Telling a story builds emotional connections between your business and audience. Stories move people and people buy products and pay more for those that inspire them! Here are some facts that prove the point.

We have been talking to our clients about storytelling for years, but this year telling stories is more important than ever for brands to break out of the clutter. With all the devices, distractions, and skippable ads, marketers must connect with consumers on an emotional level in order to be heard.

The new Gatorade commercial featuring athletes like Serena Williams, Peyton Manning, Michael Jordan and Matt Ryan is an example of storytelling at its finest.

We all know using celebrities in ads is a winning ingredient, but the way we witness our heroes stumble in this spot makes them appear humbled and vulnerable, and that vulnerability allows us to bond more deeply with them, and in turn the brand.

Secret to selling more productsStudies have proven that when brands tell stories, they sell more products and get higher prices.

Hill Holiday did a study selling products on Ebay. They first put items for sale with just an informative description and then the same items with a story about the winemaker, the artist, and a personal experience with the hotel… In all cases, the storied product sold more and received higher bids!

Neuroscience has proven that your brain biologically responds to stories and connects the story with emotion. The brain reacts to an emotional story in a way that sharpens focus, increases memory, and amplifies the connection to the story’s subject inducing a reaction.

This Gatorade ad is getting so much buzz because it is a story everyone can relate to. Losing, failing is a basic human experience; one that we feel deeply.

If you wrap your brand around a story people want to hear, they will not skip your ad and you will successfully cut through the clutter.

Here are some other great examples of storytelling commercials:

This two-minute spot shares rich images of farming, trackers, dirt; you feel the sense of how backbreaking farming is without ever stepping foot on a farm. It is not until 1:48 that you realize this is an ad for the Dodge Ram, a pick-up truck. The video alone on YouTube has garnered more than 22 million views and counting. Think about that. This was an ad spot that people were willing and wanting to watch because the marketers painted the picture through storytelling!

Also, a local brand, Mossy Automotive, has a series of stories produced by Advanced Marketing Strategies.

Why Storytelling works, by Alyssa Galeros Keefe
Why Inspiring Stories Make Us React: The Neuroscience of Narrative by Paul J Zak, Ph.D
Infographic: How Storytelling Is Helping Brands Sell More Products By Emma Bazilian

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