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THE CRAFT OF MARKETING: Be The Forefront Of The Video Explosion

THE CRAFT OF MARKETING: Be the forefront of the video explosion

Working with our clients this week, we crafted several unique solutions, including:

1. Video projects that bring the brand to the consumer and help amplify the differentiation from the competition

  • Videos are taking many forms these days, from longer 1-4 minute informational videos to short 6 second digital ads the are almost skip proof. AMS client are at the forefront of the video explosion.

2. AMS  3-D research that set the tone for a local service provider’s brand campaign to increase sales and revenue

  • Our 3-D research starts with Discovery which can be anything from interviews to syndicated and primary surveying. Then in the Definition phase we refine the audiences, communication strategies and objectives. Finally, in the Deployment phase we execute the media plans, creative and message delivery.

3. Designing t-shirts for a sales team giving back to the community

  • Our client aren’t always all business, sometimes they ask us to design fun logos and uniforms that help them celebrate their team spirit.

Is anyone else working on these same marketing challenges? Do you have other marketing challenges you need to address? We’d love to chat with you! Contact us today.

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