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Social Media Mondays

Social Media Mondays

By Utahna Hadden, Vice President / Account Supervisor, Advanced Marketing Strategies

I had the privilege of attending the Social Media Day Conference right here in San Diego! Marketers gathered to learn, get inspired and discuss current trends and what the future has to hold for all things Social Media.

The underlying theme that continued to pop up was the importance of continuing to create engaging content that is relevant to your target audience. Why do you think Facebook just changed their Mission Statement to “Give the world tools to make the world closer”? Because Social Media is a powerful way to connect and build relationships with your customers and potential customers.  We are building trust by creating real, content about our brands, whether it is through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.  Content that connects and engages…think Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, User Generated Content, even Messenger bots.

Another confirmation in the social media world is that Facebook is getting bigger, and organic reach is shrinking. Yes, if you haven’t noticed this alarming trend, then you haven’t been paying attention. An example of organic reach decreasing was a post from National Geographic in 2013 vs a couple days ago in 2017 – reach declined by 80%!  Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm is based on serving people, not businesses or advertisers.  Here’s how it works: your post content is scanned for substance, then it’s selectively shown to your followers.  If people react, your reach is expanded – Yay!  And if a video is watched to the end, it will give more weight to the post reach.

Bottom line is that marketers need to be smarter and amplify what works best in Facebook and Instagram for your brand. There is no fairy dust or magic solution to getting more results from Facebook.  Playing by Facebook’s rules will help your brand, and going against it will only hurt your results.

We would love to discuss some other noteworthy takeaways like:

  • Instagram is the next Facebook
  • Share exclusive content on Instagram Stories
  • Optimize Facebook content through reach & engagement
  • Aligning goals & values with Influencer Marketing
  • Facebook Live tips
  • YouTube Tactics to generate leads
  • The future of Facebook

Contact President, Kathy Cunningham today at! Let’s talk about how to take your digital marketing program to the next level!  

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