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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 2017: Are You Missing Huge Opportunities?

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING 2017: Are You Missing Huge Opportunities?

Ask yourself these 5 questions and find out now!

Social media has changed a lot since its inception. And when I say a lot, I mean the old way of thinking about social is completely and totally ineffective. Answer these 5 questions and see if you are wasting your time with social and need a complete make-over:

  1. Do you monitor your analytics daily?
  2. Do you use paid advertising to get your message out?
  3. Have you ever GONE LIVE on social?
  4. Are you utilizing Influencers with your social program?
  5. Did you know that the Facebook algorithm works on a point system?

If you answered NO to any of these 5 questions – you could be missing out on huge opportunities.

We are shocked to see companies basically throwing away money with ineffective social media marketing. If you have not revamped your strategy – you are missing out on HUGE OPPORTUNITIES. For example: Did you know Facebook works on a point system and if you have a negative response to one of your posts or ads it counts 100 TIMES AGAINST YOU?  This means your posts are seen by fewer people! The more points you garner – the more people see your posts. This is why it is so important to MONITOR YOUR ANALYTICS DAILY! Do you know how to get the MOST people to see your marketing efforts? Careful research, planning and expert monitoring. Now a days, you have to be a scholar to understand all the ins and outs of this VERY complex medium. It is constantly changing, and the psychology behind what gets attention and makes people act, is very deep.

If you are only selling on social – you could be alienating your audience and not even know it.

This is probably the number one thing companies do not understand about digital marketing. PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO BE SOLD TO! People want to have a relationship with a company. They do not want to be constantly force fed price and item! There have been many, many studies that show this. Including research AMS taps into from giants Nielsen, “Our brains react to our world in milliseconds—faster than we’re consciously aware. And much of what drives our everyday decisions, including what we’ll watch, talk about and buy, are the emotional responses that can’t be measured through traditional self-report methods.

By using the latest neuroscience technologies in combination with traditional survey methods, we help brands understand consumers’ non-conscious and conscious emotional responses, memory activations and attentional patterns, empowering them to better navigate the increasing complexity of modern consumer behavior. Our insights provide actionable results and an unprecedented understanding of consumer related decision-making, allowing our clients to build deep, lasting connections with their target audiences.”

And in recent months, neuroscience experiments show decisive evidence that selling does not initiate as much brain activity and memory as STORYTELLING.  Engaging your audience with emotional benefits instead of just selling is the key to higher sales and better retention.

So how do you tell the right story? How do you get the most “points” on Facebook? How do you get the most impact with a GO LIVE event?  What is an Influencer and why is this so important? We have the answers. Contact us today and Let’s talk about how to take your digital marketing program to the next level!  


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