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The Ever Changing Face Of Video In Today’s World

The Ever Changing Face of Video In Today’s World

You may recall a time when video was something seen only on TV and in the movie theaters.

With the emergence of social media and the growing technological advancements we’ve had in mobile devices, video has become the new norm for effectively communicating with our friends, family and YES, even our customers.

You may think video is utilized in the same way across the board, but in reality there are many different ways to use the moving picture.

TV Broadcast

This is the elder brother of all the other video platforms. Advertising on TV has been around since January of 1941.* The shaky, 10-second spot for Bulova, a New York-based watch company, aired right before a Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies baseball game costing $9. That’s only $151 in today’s economy. Today however, commercials have gone above and beyond what is considered necessary in order to get their message across, While 4k TV is on the rise, most broadcast companies are still sticking to the 1080 HD video resolution, but soon we will be seeing all of our favorite NFL Super Bowl ads in glorious 4k definition.


Cinemagraphs have been around for a long time but only now have they grown in popularity. With the increase in bandwidth from our local internet providers, large gif and video files are now able to play in real-time without delays or skippy buffering.

Cinemagraphs use a combination of still photography pulled from video assets in order to capture and preserve a short moment in time. The video is usually focused on one small part of the image that loops and continues to move endlessly. These images play forever and are used on the web for headers, backgrounds and general banner advertisements.

Digital Streaming Pre-Roll

You see these video ad formats all the time when watching your favorite Youtube videos and surfing through non-paid streaming services. These are the fun advertisements at the beginning or end of a streaming session that the viewers are allowed to skip on certain platforms. These ads are highly effective, as demographic targeting increases the chance of an ad being served to those that have the most interest in them. They are also more likely to be seen and with the growing trend of streaming video, it is quickly becoming the primary way to reach your consumer base. These videos range from 6 seconds to several minutes, but we find the most effective lengths are the 6 second and 15 second spots. They are long enough to get the point across while staying within the attention span of most viewers.

Social Live Streaming

As Instagram and Facebook continue to integrate video support and the ability to upload videos, their ability to handle live streaming has become possible. The platform allows for individuals to create live video presentations to share with their audience. While live video is compressed at the moment  (lower resolution) with the growth in processing power and internet bandwidth, that won’t be a problem for long. Marketers are using this tool to communicate with their followers and create a more authentic presence on their social media accounts.

360 Video

Imagine watching a video, and suddenly you’re able to move the screen left and then right! Oh wow, it goes up and down too! That’s the power any viewer of a 360 degree video has at their fingertips. With 360 video, you can inject your viewer into scenes where you’d like them to see and experience the full environment. This technology allows them to chose where to focus their attention, as well as get the whole picture of an actual space. GoPro 360 videos are becoming very popular, as seeing the world from a paraglider can be quite mesmerizing. This technology relies on not just 1, but 8 cameras, all pointed in different directions, making up a sphere of video. Proprietary software takes the video from each camera and splices it together around a 360 globe, allowing anyone to rotate their view to see any angle at any given time.

Virtual Reality

Using the same technology as 360 Video, Virtual Reality takes things to the next level by introducing goggles for an immersive and realistic dive into the 360 3 dimensional world. This platform is growing rapidly with video game companies, simulation/training, and in creative interactive ways. Hospitals use it for training surgeons to undergo very difficult and technically sophisticated operations. Military uses it to train their soldiers to handle unusual situations. And of course there consumers using it to explore new worlds and solve incredible challenges. However, due to processing power and the bulkiness of most high-end goggle systems, the technology is still in its infancy. By 2021, however, we will be much closer to life-like VR, with reduced head-set weight, better optics, increased frames rates and a far more realistic view.*

If you would like to learn more about the most effective ways to use video for your marketing, contact us today. We would love to show you how to get results with video!


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