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EP.0 Show Runner – Kathy Cunningham

EP.0 Show Runner – Kathy Cunningham

Why Listen, What’s In It For You

Kathy Cunningham is a seasoned marketing professional with a goal of sharing the knowledge she has gained from owning and operating an integrated advertising agency for over 25 years. As Founder and President of Advanced Marketing Strategies, she is passionate about combining the latest cutting-edge tools with the solid principles of marketing for exponential results.  She is a master at applying research, targeting, and strategy to aim the most compelling message at the most profitable prospects, all while using the optimum combination of new and traditional media.

Lessons you will learn from this podcast:

  • Find out more about Kathy and the podcast interviews
  • How to access a network of top female marking professionals
  • How to use monitoring and continued learning to excel and concur challenges
  • Tools for increasing confidence, happiness, and satisfaction in your life
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