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THE SHIFT IN BRANDING –  Are You Prepared For 2018?

THE SHIFT IN BRANDING – are you prepared for 2018?

I recently read an article from Brand Quest about the Return On Investment (ROI) companies can expect if they invest time and money in developing their marketing strategies.

This, in turn, can be used to create and evolve their brands. Here’s what they say are the rewards:

  1.  Effective Brands increase SALES.
  2.  Efficient Brands improve PROFIT.
  3.  Effective and Efficient Brands build VALUE.

It is not news that the continued attention to marketing and branding leads to ROI, because those are solid marketing principles that we have have been following since I started Advanced Marketing Strategies 25 years ago. The interesting paradigm shift is, who else is involved, and why it will become even more challenging to deliver on your brand promise in 2018.

The new twist is that consumers are so much more a part of the development of your brand than ever before, because they have the ability to speak up and interact with social media. Digital information gives consumers so many ways to come in contact with your brand and test your brand’s position. You really can’t make a promise in your brand messaging and not deliver on it. Today’s consumer will not let you get away with it. How you brand, your company, or product has evolved, and why you should brand is still based on the same old reliable marketing principles.

In Episode 5 of my new Show Runner podcast, I talk to Sandy Belvedere, of the Car Maven. We discuss the changes we need to brace for, in retail branding, for the future. Sandy is a 25-year veteran executive of some of the most significant OEMs in the country; Hyundai, Nissan, and GM.  She shares a wealth of knowledge on marketing, branding, retail, and lessons learned as a female pioneer in the automotive industry.




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by Kathy Cunningham, Founder & President of ad agency, Advanced Marketing Strategies, & host of The Show Runner Network podcast



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