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EP.9 – Public Relations and Social Media with Lisa Buyer

A speaker and consultant on public relations and social media, Lisa’s specialty is blending the power of public relations (PR), social media optimization (SMO) and search engine marketing (SEO).  Lisa is an Adjunct Professor @UFJschool and the author of #SocialPRSecrets.

Lisa Buyer, The Buyer Group

Lessons you will learn from this podcast:

  • How to double your output and accomplish more by identifying your most productive and creative time of day
  • A blueprint for connecting with your audience, so that they don’t feel like you’re selling to them
  • User-generated content – where to get it and how to use it as your secret weapon
  • Understanding Digital ROI – don’t be fooled by “VANITY METRICS”
  • Why it’s necessary to get over the fear of using live video to engage your target audience and beat Facebook and Instagram algorithms
  • How to diversify your niche and get out of the “me too” pack
  • What you need to know about VR and AR – marketing’s new realities
  • How to stay relevant and harness the latest trends in public relations and social media to prevent costly mistakes

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