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Amazing Use Of Augmented Reality & Storytelling For Marketing

Amazing Use of Augmented Reality & Storytelling for Marketing

Here is a look at my favorite use of Augmented Reality (AR) so far in 2018, 19 Crimes Wine.

Named after the list of the actual 19 offences that would get British convicts transported to Australian prison camps. The brand is built around the real stories of men (and one woman) and their crimes. The ingenious wine bottles use augmented reality technology to bring those stories to life. Download Living Wines app, point your phone at the label and the convict comes to life to tell his tale. SUPER COOL!

What a way for an unknown wine, from Australia, a country fighting to gain market share in a crowded segment, to get noticed and purchased.

We bought this wine to take to a party just for the fun factor, now that is a brilliant use of cutting-edge marketing technology! Plus the consumer will want to collect all the labels so they might start with the cheapest bottle and work up to the most expensive.

It ticks all the boxes we look for in a successful campaign.

It helps to improve:

  • Trial
  • Frequency
  • Average Check

But the fabulous campaign doesn’t stop with the bottle. The carefully crafted stories and messages flow through all of mediums. Point of Purchase “mugshot” displays, witty print and billboards, and even a 360 degree video that immerses you in a prison cell! 

19 Crimes created a unique storytelling series, that reflects its country of origin, Australia, and also describes the grape used. This wine celebrates the rules they broke and the culture they built.

  • RED BLEND. Our red blend bears the same traits as those banished to Australia. …
  • SHIRAZ GRENACHE MATARO. Pairs best with a serving of debauchery. …
  • SHIRAZ. Every sip is more sinister than the last. …

Today, 19 Crimes has an almost cult like following and has rocketed to one of the top Australian wines.

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Kathy Cunningham, Founder/President AM Strategies 

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