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EP.11 – Marketing & Selling to Women for Increased ROI with Jody Devere

Jody is an expert at marketing & selling to women and an internationally recognized speaker, trainer, and spokesperson for the automotive industry in the women’s market.

Jody is a champion for both women and the automotive industry; her company, serves as a place for women to learn about buying, owning, and servicing their cars. She has been featured in the New York Times, NPR, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fox Business, Forbes Women, Parenting Magazine and O, The Oprah Magazine to name a few.

I met Jody at the Women in Automotive Conference – the best learning and networking opportunity I have ever experienced.

Jody Devere, CEO of

Lessons you will learn from this podcast:

  • How the blogosphere’s coming of age changed the voice of female consumers; why and how you should be using this information to increase your bottom line
  • How to create gender parity that generates more sales and loyalty
  • Why marketing to women is not political, but a business conversation about increasing your business with a segment that is currently under served and has lots of potential for growth
  • What Proctor and Gamble and Dove have learned and why they continue to update their marketing approach
  • Where to find case studies and research on effective marketing to women
  • How to avoid a “one size fits all” approach when taking on the women’s market, which is very complex and full of subtleties
  • How to navigate through the current highly-sensitive atmosphere, jump over roadblocks and avoid common mistakes that brands are making right now in communicating to female buyers
  • Why the data you are using to target women may be wrong and where to find the right stuff
  • How both male and female mentors can help women rock and build confidence and courage
  • Why hiring, recruiting, developing, and retaining women in a male dominated industry results in gender parity that is good for business

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