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WOMAN RUNNING THE SHOW: Be The Badass Business Woman You’ve Always Wanted To Be!

WOMAN RUNNING THE SHOW: Be the badass business woman you’ve always wanted to be!

Ever wish you could pick the brain of a successful business woman or wonder what it’s like to walk in her heels?

Today’s female marketing executives are busy and staying on top of new technology and trends is a constant challenge. That’s why I wanted to make it easy for business women to network with other successful business women. I believe we are the average of those with whom we surround ourselves, and joining the Show Runner Network gives unparalleled access to some of the best minds in marketing. Learning from other women is a bonus because they bring a unique point of view, and positive female role models give us the confidence to achieve our personal and professional goals. As one listener recently said to me, “listening to these women tell their stories of success, inspires me to want to be badass just like them!” It’s no secret that audio content and podcasting is the best way to indulge in continued learning while multitasking (as us women do every day!)

So, we invite you to join our network today as we tackle some of these hot topics:


  • How to thrive in a male-dominated industry
  • How to stay relevant and harness the latest trends in public relations and social media to prevent costly mistakes
  • How to turn career failures into real success
  • Digital accountability, digital sharks, and when to say no to digital recommendations
  • How to excel at nonprofit and cause-based marketing
  • The key to successful sports marketing & the LPGA
  • How marketing, training, advertising, and sales all work together to create a compelling brand
  • Tips on how to set work boundaries with male colleagues
  • How becoming a mother enhances management style
  • Why both male and female mentors can help women rock and build confidence and courage
  • Why you should never apologize for your true authentic self
  • The No No No Yes of marketing!


▶️ LISTEN NOW TO THE SHOW RUNNER MARKETING PODCAST brought to you by Advanced Marketing Strategies and your host Kathy Cunningham, Founder and President.

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