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The Top Questions Brand Builders Should Be Asking

The Top Questions Brand Builders Should Be Asking

In the words of the famous advertising copywriter and ad agency founder, David Ogilvy,

“A brand is the intangible sum of a product’s attributes: its name, packaging, and price, its history, its reputation, and the way it’s advertised.”

Kathy Cunningham, Founder and President of Advanced Marketing Strategies, takes that one step further by adding,

“A brand is the total sum of all perceptions – based on both real experience – and/or imagined. A brand is what separates YOUR cow from your neighbors.”

Many casinos go through a transition when they update, remodel, or rebuild their casino resorts. It is important to treat this transition with the care and strategy it deserves when it comes to branding. Now is the time to start from scratch and work with your marketing professionals on a custom brand strategy. When done properly it is a carefully calculated, many layered process. At Advanced Marketing Strategy this process is called The AMS 3-D. The three main steps are:


Here are some of the data we uncover during this multi-step process:

What Does Your Casino Stand For?

What does your brand stand for in the consumers’ eyes? How familiar are they about your property? What have they heard? What has been their experience? How about your employees? What is the atmosphere they experience? What are their attitudes?

How is that reflected on the casino floor? We research not only the players’ perceptions – but the opinion of management and employees too –  because they set the tone every day. If you go through a series of steps gathering information, you will find common threads that start to give you important clues for your WHAT. For example: Are you friendly, upscale, or entertainment based?

How Does Your Casino Compare to the Competition?

What are your amenities, look and feel, and atmosphere that set the tone of your position amongst your competition? Doing a fresh analysis of “yours” vs “theirs” is important. Choose two of the three biggest competitors and walk through the steps for each.  

Who Are Your Best Customers?

Doing an analysis of your database can be very valuable. Looking at multiple queries will help you slice and dice the information to reveal not only simple demographics, but the lifestyle targets and revenue generating segments you will need for targeting down the road. Geographic segments by revenue are vital – so you know where to find your best ROI. We believe in using other secondary research and syndicated reports as well – and overlay that on top of our primary research – which give us a more robust basis for recommendations.

Where is Your Casino Brand?

Once you have DISCOVERED and DEFINED your brand, it is important to develop brand guidelines and hold all departments and vendors accountable for following them at every touch point. The Deployment of the brand strategy is where the rubber meets the road. Sharing and reinforcing the brand attributes are essential to your casino’s success. This kind of carefully orchestrated process helps bring management, employees, and players together so they all know what to expect and what is expected of them. Your property reflects the brand you have all agreed upon and your differences from the competition are clear to everyone.

This process should also be an ongoing process. Reviewing and monitoring your brand is vital. And your brand should touch EVERY aspect of communication. For example: If vendors are using the wrong font, employees are not aware of your ideals, or your marketing team is not including key brand attributes – your brand will suffer. That is why it is important to have key BRAND AMBASSADORS, on staff and through your marketing company. This way, you can rest assured the job is being done consistently.

Your brand, when carefully polished, can be of great value and create loyalty, and brand recognition that in turn brings more profit. Contact us today to discuss how to strengthen your branding or freshen an existing brand!

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