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EP.12 – Workplace Communication & Improving Emotional Intelligence with Ann Simmons Nicholson

With over thirty years in human resources, employee training & development, strategic planning, public speaking, and communications, Ann is one of the most experienced guests of the Show Runner Podcast. In this podcast Ann shares terrific lessons on workplace communication, improving our emotional intelligence, and tips for getting along better with people. I met Ann at a NIGA where she was leading a breakout session for female executives and coaching them on their personal branding.

I found her wisdom and her enthusiastic presentation style to be very enlighting and entertaining. Ann’s diverse clientele includes MGM Resorts, Whole Foods, Valley View Casino, MTV’s The Real World Las Vegas, Niagara Water, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, along with numerous non-profit organizations.

Ann Simmons Nicholson, Owner, and CEO of the Simmons Group

Lessons you will learn from this podcast:

  • The one word that separates aggressive and assertive communication.
  • ¾ of the thoughts that women have about themselves are negative – how to rethink your belief system.
  • Understanding Title 7 harassment claims in the workplace.
  • Advocate for ourselves and career advancement.
  • Learning to disagree without being disagreeable.
  • Using question vs. statements in a heated conversation.
  • Are you “shoulding” all over yourself and others?
  • Curiosity vs. certainty can help you suspend judgment and avoid emotional hijacking.
  • How to look for the intention vs. the impact of others actions.
  • How NO EMAIL FRIDAYS causes collisions that build relationships!

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