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SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY: Top 10 Ways To Build Social Media Relationships

SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY: Top 10 Ways To Build Social Media Relationships

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have changed so dramatically in the past months that you need a new social media strategy if you are going to continue to engage your customers. Relationship building is the cornerstone of any good strategy these days. So AM Strategies has put together a list of:


  1. Be Proactive

When most businesses interact with their followers or customers on social media, it’s primarily reactive. They wait for someone to tag them or make a complaint before they ever get in touch. But to build strong customer relationships, you need to be proactive with engagement. Take the time to reach out to prospects, your top enthusiasts or just random followers every now and then. Say hello, share a piece of content that’s relevant or Like one of their photos.

Small interactions like this might seem insignificant, but they can have a big impact. Social media allows you to stay in touch with customers and prospects even when they’re not in buying mode. Remember, this is customer relationship building. Like with any other relationship, you don’t want the only time you interact with customers to be when you need something!

  1. Build Stronger Relationships And Harness User Generated Content

If you are looking for long-term, lasting success with social media, you need to build customer relationships. Your loyal customers will eventually turn into advocates that promote your brand for free. The word of mouth advertising and promotion you get from customer reviews and user-generated content is more than worth the time it takes to build relationships.

  1. One-To-One Communication & Tagging

Since you don’t have a large audience, taking the time to connect one-on-one is a good way to gain initial momentum. For instance, instead of blasting a Tweet out to everyone, identify a person (preferably with a large following) who may be interested in your content and tag them.

You might think Tweeting people individually is a waste of time, but if you only have a few hundred followers and Tweet a link to a blog post, there’s a strong chance you won’t get any engagement. Because of new algorithms, only a small percentage of your followers will actually see it, and an even smaller percentage will take any action on it. But when you Tweet the post to someone, you’re creating a one-to-one conversation. The person knows you’re Tweeting specifically to them, plus they’ll receive a notification in Twitter which will prompt them to check out your Tweet. If they reply or share your Tweet, you’ll get exposure to their followers as well.

  1. Share Your Human Side

Nobody wants to deal with the cold, heartless corporation that just sees customers as dollar signs. The great thing about social media is it gives you the ability to humanize your brand and showcase your personality. Community engagement and non-profit outreach can also go a long way to building a brand people want to be associated with.

  1. Spotlight Your Customers

While your customers and fellow employees appreciate the content you share daily by engaging with your social posts, there is a way to show them how grateful you are in return. That is by shining the spotlight on them. That college student that posts pics of your meals every day and tags you – Give her a shout out the next time she comes in- and maybe even a free dessert!

  1. Response Times And Algorithms

According to research carried out by Bain and Companies who engaged with customer service requests on social saw a 20-40% increase in revenue per customer! Not only that you are actually penalized by some of the new algorithms if you do not respond immediately.

  1. Research Your Customer Wants

Get to know your customers through your social channels. Ask them what type of content THEY prefer, what THEY think of your product or service, and even encourage them to come up with new ideas for your business. We all like to be heard!

  1. Personalize The Experience

By personalizing the experience for your customers, you can build the rapport that leads to trust and respect. Seeing and interacting with someone by name is much better than just posting generically.

  1. Give More Than You Ask For

You should always strive to add value to your customers. The problem is too many brands take a “what can I get from it?” approach to social. Serve your audience the type of content they are actually looking for, rather than just what you want to show them.

Of course, to do this, you will need to know your audience. Find out what type of content they share, what they Tweet about and other important details to get a clue into what you should be sharing.

  1. Connect With Influencers

You probably know that word-of-mouth is one of the most valuable forms of marketing out there: It’s been shown to influence 20 to 50 percent of all purchase decisions! After all, potential customers are much more likely to be receptive to recommendations from a person they respect and trust than to ads or other corporate messaging.

In the new world of digital relationships, word of mouth extends well beyond recommendations from friends and family into the realm of influencer marketing.

In fact, research from Twitter shows that 49 percent of consumers seek purchase guidance from social media influencers, and 20 percent said that a Tweet from an influencer inspired them to share their own product recommendation. Even more critical for marketers, nearly 40 percent of Twitter users said they had made a purchase as a direct result of an influencer’s Tweet.

Relationship building touches on just ONE of the ways you must re-align your strategy for social. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed on important social media marketing trends, innovations and marketing strategy tips! Or contact us today for a custom strategy for your business. 


By: Michele Marlo | Executive Creative Director | Advanced Marketing Strategies 


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