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PODCAST PALOOZA: The Quiet Power Of Conversation – 16 Tips To Better Copywriting!

PODCAST PALOOZA: The Quiet Power of Conversation – 16 Tips to better copywriting!

Welcome to Podcast Palooza Recap

Welcome to the first of our new series, Advanced Marketing Strategies’ Podcast Palooza PLAYBACK. Each week AMS team members choose a marketing related podcast to present to the rest of the team. They share what the podcast is about, what they learned, and how they are going to implement it with our clients and at our agency. We are always looking for recommendations so please tell us about your favorite podcast  – or maybe one YOU produce! So we can share it with our tribe.

In this week’s AMS Podcast Palooza, we reviewed the CopyBlogger FM podcast with Nick Usborne.

About CopyBlogger FM and Nick Usborne

Nick is an unusual writer. He has many years of direct response experience, but he talks more like a “content guy.” In this episode he talks about why we don’t have to choose between audience relationship and business results.

We broke down his top Key 16 Suggestions to be a better copywriter:

  1.  A less-pushy approach works with the fundamentals of direct response like strong calls to action or using urgency in your message.
  2.  Write in a tone and style that would fit a lively and enthusiastic conversation between friends over coffee at the kitchen table.
  3.  Write copy that ENGAGES your audience. Don’t broadcast sales messages AT your audience.
  4.  Write in a way that feels natural when spoken out loud.
  5.  Strive to write simply and clearly, with short words and sentences.
  6.  Copy sells through a natural enthusiasm in its message and delivery.
  7.  Do your best to add value to your readers’ lives, even as you sell to them.
  8.  Try to be helpful and useful to your readers, even if they have no intention of buying anything from you now.
  9.  Don’t write copy that you wouldn’t feel comfortable reading to our mother, partner, children or neighbors while looking them in the eye.
  10.  Write with empathy, and make it clear that you respect and care about your readers… and then DO!
  11.  Don’t use corporate-speak or impenetrable jargon to hide or obscure the true meaning of what you’re saying.
  12.  Use a conversational approach to maintain a single, consistent and trustworthy voice across all digital media.
  13.  Don’t use hype or manipulative tricks to misguide or deceive your readers.
  14.  As with a genuine conversation, don’t try to bulldoze your readers into submission.
  15.  Don’t take an adversarial position with your readers, because ultimately you’re on their side.
  16.  The conversational approach to copywriting allows you to do your job and serve your clients well, without being pushy, sneaky or manipulative.


Thanks Nick for the incredible tips! And thanks to Michele Marlo, our Executive Creative Director, for presenting this podcast to the AMS Team this week!

Listen to the entire informative CopyBlogger FM podcast NOW!

If you are looking for a great marketing podcast, check out our podcast series, The Show Runner Marketing Podcast! This podcast aims to recognize top females in marketing and gives them a platform to share their knowledge and life lessons with others.

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