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THE BLEMISH EFFECT: How To Turn A Negative Into A Positive!

THE BLEMISH EFFECT: How to turn a negative into a positive!

The Journal of Consumer Research published a study from three marketing professors investigation of – “How a negative can be turned into a positive – marketing psychology”.

In one set of experiments, they presented information about a pair of hiking boots as if the study participants were shopping for them online. To half the group, researchers listed all the great things about the boots – orthopedic soles, waterproof material, a five year warranty, and more. To the other half, they included the same list of positives, but followed with a negative – these boots, unfortunately came in only two colors.

Remarkably, in many cases the people who’d gotten that small does of negative information were MORE LIKELY to purchase the boots than those who’d received the exclusively positive information. Researchers dubbed this phenomenon “blemishing effect” – where adding a minor negative detail in an otherwise positive description of a target can give that description a more positive impact.

This may be because you have built a small amount of trust by being open and honest with the sale. This may make you more credible and less HARD SELL. So consider this when building relationships with your customers!

Looking for more research on neuroscience, psychological selling and relationship building? We’d love to talk more! Give us a buzz today!


CREDIT: To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel H. Pink


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