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Shotgun Marketing Is Dead: How Data Killed It.

Shotgun Marketing is Dead: How data Killed it.

What is Shotgun Marketing?

The “spray and pray” practice of marketing has become outdated and inaccurate. This idea of shotgun marketing tries to reach as many people as possible, prioritizing the size over depth of reach.

The logic of shotgun marketing is flawed, not only because it wastes resources trying to convert non-receptive consumers, but also because data analytics allow marketers to refine their strategies, targeting specific members of the population with increasing sophistication. The reach is minimized to gain maximum impact.

We find ourselves at an interesting crossroads. While many businesses have wholeheartedly embraced data-informed marketing, there are many older industries that have been insulated from social media, and therefore new data analysis. This digital revolution was driven by new media and new eyes, so it’s no surprise that start-up culture is so imbued with visions of high-tech, innovative glamour. Businesses that serve older demographics and older industries are facing a unique challenge to innovate without alienating longtime consumers.

We sat down with Chief Executive General Manager, Donna Otis, for the Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe. The conversation turned to targeting key demographics, and Donna lent us some insight into marketing for a country club audience:

“A common misconception is, ‘let’s just blast everything out to everybody and see what we get. And I think that can be dangerous at times, because you’re not sure what you’re getting.”

In the world of golf and country clubs – Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have made their presence known and appreciated. Having enlisted the help of a demographer and outsourcing for other marketing concerns, Donna, and her team at the Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe, are entering a rapidly expanding digital landscape armed with the necessary data analysis tools.

“One of your biggest challenges is identifying the target prospect,” Donna quips.

She also talks about learning how to read between the lines of the decision process and building an avatar for successful niche marketing.

In the podcast, Kathy Cunningham mentions that Advanced Marketing Strategies was at the forefront of targeting, utilizing geo-demographic lifestyle segmentation over 20 years ago. This is a way of grouping the population based on demographic factors such as geographic positioning, mean household income, spending habits, and ethnic identity to create an approximate demographic map that can then be used to determine the nature and penetration of a campaign. This method is based on the premise that “birds of a feather flock together,” or that people of similar socioeconomic strata tend to cluster together and share similar spending habits and lifestyles. Along with all the advances in big data, digital, and behavioral scraping, we rely on this unique blend for laser targeting of digital and social media buys, as well as traditional media like print, outdoor, and direct mail. We also use this information to create a targeted creative strategy that speaks to the consumer in a much more effective way.

Most people would agree that pinpoint targeting the groups most likely to engage with your product or services is more productive than trying to reach everyone. Geo-demographic lifestyle segmentation is not just a long-winded phrase. It can determine precisely where you will reach your best prospects, with the right message, for the best investment of your advertising dollar.

More on the Showrunner Marketing Podcast

The Showrunner Marketing Podcast was born of Kathy Cunningham’s dedication to recognizing female leadership in the field of communications. The Showrunner Network is a space that is dynamic and inclusive, where women have a platform to share their experiences and learn from one another. Each episode is a vehicle for inspiration, and combined, create a network of influential industry executives. These are leaders of their respective field who just happen to be female, and Showrunner seeks to highlight their stories and to celebrate and normalize the presence of women in executive roles.

“I met Donna when I was moderating the LPGA Kia Classic Women’s Leadership Panel, and she was one of the panelists. What stood out to me was how warm and lighthearted she was, and how she successfully navigated her role as one of only four women out of 3000 club managers nationwide. She is an expert at how to build a club brand around what is real and authentic, which is exactly what Donna personifies herself. She is definitely a thoughtful and inspirational role model!”

-Kathy Cunningham, Founder and President of Advanced Marketing Strategies and Host of the Showrunner Marketing Podcast

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