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PODCAST PALOOZA PLAYBACK: The Women’s Leadership Podcast – Recalibration

PODCAST PALOOZA PLAYBACK: The Women’s Leadership Podcast – Recalibration

AMS Vice President, Utahna Hadden, was among the presenters in this week’s Podcast Palooza. She discussed her favorite points from the The Women’s Leadership Podcast, hosted by a leadership coach, Elizabeth McLaughlin (Season 2, Episode 10). This podcast features content and interviews on success, advancement and work/life alignment.


We’re expected to show up and perform at our best along with everything that life throws at us. Sometimes it feels impossible (work, kids starting school, plus expectations of maintaining and managing our household). This creates an unbelievable amount of pressure. Try these steps to keep you focused:

1. Pause and evaluate how you spend your time and energy.

2. Recalibrate and choose to focus on most important goals. Taking the time to recalibrate can be critical to your future growth.

3. Ask yourself where do you want to focus your energy? Is something lacking?

4. Choose how you want to spend your time. Yes, you can choose!

For example: Elizabeth disconnected from all social media for 48 hours. She only posted what was necessary for 2-3 minutes. Also, with so much surrounding the news these days, she decided to disengage from that as well. She was able to focus and spend more time with family, something that was more meaningful than spending time on social media. Result? She felt more refreshed and less stressed, and decided to delegate her social media presence to her staff instead.

Tip to help recalibrate and keep working toward your goals:

Get a daily planner – Write down what you are most grateful that morning. Then determine the 3 vital tasks you need to get done that day. This will help you focus on what needs to get done, and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

At AMS, we have a weekly tradition: Podcast Palooza. Once a week, we all gather in our conference room and listen to a few of our colleagues present on podcast episodes. They share their reactions and takeaways from their podcast of choice and offer ideas on how it can be applied to our clients and our own company. It’s a small part of the week, but one that consolidates our internal brand as a company that participates in wider conversations, and that listens to the ideas of its employees. We are always on the lookout for innovative, charismatic thinkers, so send your podcast recommendations our way!

Listen to the entire podcast – The Women’s Leadership Podcast – Recalibration

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